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About Cyberathia

We are creating a new 3D Social Environment and World Builder game using the Unity Game Engine. The plan is to give it a retro feel without undermining quality or neglecting on options for end users, thereby giving the power of creation to our online community. 

A little about myself:

My name is Raymond Foster and I am the CEO and Founder of this project and company. I am a disabled person who has a passion for art and gaming as well as a new home location online for friends in the real world and those I have made online elsewhere as well as my family and their families.

I have always wanted to create my own game for a long time to share with others and have created some very basic ones in the past, more for self leaning and as hobby, but have finally decided to take on this challenge with this project and inviting others to participate in its production. I am certainly not a skilled programmer so the challenges are significant.


Seeing a need and desire among many to have a new virtual home location where they can reconnect with one another has become a priority, and I have given my promise, despite many personal setbacks and tragedies, that I will give it my all to realize this goal.

This is in response to many who have sought an alternative to other platforms they have used, been using or no longer can use because of such locations being discontinued, but they still want and have been denied such or lost a virtual community because of a judgment call by the company or owners of those former platforms and virtual spaces.

Therefore the primary goals are:

  1. Create a platform where players can customize their virtual personifications (avatars) as well as create their own locations using various assets and tools, and share them with other players online.

  2. The game will also have a social aspect, where players can chat, make friends, and cooperate with each other, and share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions freely, as well as various subjects of their own interests.


A modification in Plans as Options:

Because of the increasingly imposed and politically driven Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) indexes and SEI (State Equality Indexes), we, and many more have been locked out of advertising and funding options by refusing to alienate the majority of our customers and associated industries.


It has nothing to do with what it is claimed to do. It is claimed to reflect the performance and quality of companies, and even states, within a certain sector of the industries. By being imposed in this way, those who fund and control these "ratings" and "compliance" reports can then misrepresent a company or organization and "fix" their ratings which in turn limits or eliminates them from investment, advertisement and marketing nationally and globally.

Cyberathia, LLC is one of those new companies that refuse to submit to such politically and ideologically driven imposed culture. Cyberathia, LLC refuses to alienate the majority to cater to the egos of a few. Those indexes are not sustainable or socially responsible investing (SRI) practices as they claim to be and are not about "investment" risk mitigation.

Our Solution is Clear and Simple:

Because we refuse to submit and have been denied funding as well as options for advertising as a new business, in addition to our primary plans for creating this 3D social environment and world builder game as our flagship project, we will be creating an option for small businesses that have been verified as authenticated product and service providers that likewise refuse to submit to thee indexes designed to destroy companies and small businesses and ultimately the economy as a whole.


Once this process has been completed, such business owners will be able to pay for a reserved location and create a virtual representation of their business within the game as a scene area end users can visit anytime.  There are, however, some restrictions.


  1. You may not market, promote, advertise, or solicit unauthorized products or services within the game, on this website or in our chat and forums.

  2. All links will be related specifically to your business and website upon approval as a paid for option for advertising that business with and through us.

  3. Your virtual/3D business representation will be incorporated into the game design and will not utilize pop-up ads so as to not annoy or distract end users engaged in any game play or social activities. 

  4. Other end users may not copy, replicate or use verified business specific content observed within the game as such content is the property of their respective owners. This also holds true for any fictional game specific ads or signs that appear in the game.


The strategy:


  1. By having the game community developed, funded and maintained, anyone can report bugs, suggest features, and give feedback, and we free ourselves up from imposed deadlines and limitations and directives of other corporate investment firms.

  2. This gives our participating members more direct input on the directions and options sought to be integrated over time without all the other red tape as it were, or demands to include content the majority of our community members find objectionable or detracts from interests of new and established members.


Initial Funds Needed:

  • I have set an initial goal of $75,000 for this campaign, which I think is enough to finish the development of the game with its basic foundations and options so it can be properly completed and ready to use upon release to the public.

If I reach my goal with your support, I will use the funds and submitted content to work on the game full-time and hire some help as already outlined. If I surpass my goals, I will use the extra funds to add more features and content to the game, such as:

  1. More assets and tools for avatar customization and world building.

  2. More options for multiplayer and social interactions.

  3. More support for PC, MAC, and Linux based systems and platforms.

  4. More options for languages and localization for the game in the general global market place.

Offerings for Supporters:

I am very grateful for any amount of funds and donations that you can make. Every dollar and every asset counts and will help me achieve my goal which I also intend to be a benefit end users. As a way of saying thank you, I have prepared some rewards for my backers, such as:

  1. Early access to the game before it is released to the general public. This will be accomplished by a direct email to a supporter who has become a site member.

  2. Your name in the credits/acknowledgements section of the game as a contributor and supporter (which you can opt out of if you wish to remain anonymous).

  3. A special badge in the for your virtual persona in the game that shows your past and present support and a thank you gift of game specific currency (not crypto) for use in the game as spendable earned points.

  4. A chance to collaborate with me on creating scenes, assets and features for the game which includes reasonable revisions and improvements from the art to mechanics of the game and potential for a virtual economy (again, not using crypto).

I hope that you are excited about this project and what it can be and what we can achieve together. I believe that this game with the right support, interest and participation can be more than successful, and something fun, creative, and useful in many areas of this industry. I want you to consider being part of it. Everything and everyone matters.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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