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Publication of the Copyright Law od the United States


The publication presented here is a direct link from pertaining to copyright laws and related laws contained in TITLE 17 of the United States Code and can likewise be obtained from the US Copyright Office.

It is free of charge and you should take some time to carefully read the content, and when possible, highlight any parts you do not understand and seek legal council familiar with these matters who can communicate with you properly as to how the laws apply to businesses and individuals.

Should you choose to check it out and print it out which is entirely legal and up to your own discretion, do be mindful it is from cover to back 478 pages in total and depending on your printing options it can be spendy for you for paper and ink to copy the whole thing. 

The other option is simply download it and save it to a flash drive so you can open it anytime on your own system such as a notebook computer or home system.

​Can I register a domain names containing some portion of your product, service or name?

No. We are concerned that such use could cause confusion for our customers who may assume that the domain is associated with us. Therefore we do not allow this.

Are there any legal notices and disclaimers that I need to have on my site when talking about your products?

Yes. You must include all copyright, trademark and other notices as appropriate. Cyberathia, LLC™ respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its players and the users of its products and services to do the same. As such a legal notice should be formatted as:


© 2010 - 2022 Cyberathia (the game) and Cyberathia, LLC™ (the company) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cyberathia, LLC™ in the U.S.A. and/or other countries. All rights reserved.

Is it OK if I use screenshots I take in-game on my web page?

Yes, within certain limits:

The Terms

© 2010 - 2022 Cyberathia, LLC™ hereby grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non- assignable license to use and display, for home, noncommercial and personal use only, one copy of any material and/or software that you may download from this site, including, but not limited to, any files, codes, audio or images incorporated in or generated by the software (collectively the "Downloaded Content") provided, however, that you must include or maintain all copyright and other notices contained or associated with such Downloaded Content.

You acknowledge and agree that you may not sub-license, assign or otherwise transfer this license or the Downloaded Content and that no title to the Downloaded Content has been or will be transferred to you from Cyberathia, LLC™ or anyone else. You also agree that you will not alter, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the Downloaded Content.

Also, we reserve the right to revoke this limited use license at any time, for any reason, and at the sole discretion of Cyberathia, LLC™ and/or its Owner. You may not use our materials on sites that feature defamatory pornographic, or inflammatory content, including, but not limited to, hacks and cheats for any of our games or any other content that Cyberathia, LLC™ find objectionable or unlawful.

Can I put your patches and demos on my web site for download?

No. We are concerned that such use would cause or risk potential hacks or hijacks of the game, and in turn pose a risk to end users data security as such "patch" distributions can be altered (modded). Therefore all files included with the original patch or demo are to remain present and intact and may not be altered in any way or means whatsoever. Cyberathia, LLC™ reserves the right to refuse permission to host or distribute our patches and demos to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Can I put my own "home-made" maps on my web site for download?

Yes and No. To clarify...


Yes, we encourage players to create maps/scenes/zones and content for Cyberathia the game as volunteers. Yes you can showcase examples of such submissions that have been approved after being checked for potential dangerous or malicious code or back end exploits in any of the files.


No, to be downloadable and open for use by others elsewhere as it may be assumed or implied we do not care if others seek to break into, and or rip content from the game. Also no for them to be traded on the Internet or other means as submitted content once approved for inclusion in the game are only to be accessible to actual players within the 3D world environment. 


Yes, if they have not been included for release in game and we have chosen not to include the submission, wherein any unused content and what you do with such is at your so discretion and not subject to our policies, terms, EULA, and/or other conditions and provided such does not use such as our trademarks, logos, names or other content that is solely the reserved property of Cyberathia, LLC™.

Can I translate your site into another language if no such site exists?

No. Aside from the confusion it might cause our customers, we would have no control over the access, quality, accuracy or content of such translated sites. Furthermore, there are plenty of browser services that automatically translate websites into other languages or browser applications that are OpenSource and provide the same options if not already included as a feature.

Can I make add-ons or expansions for Cyberathia (the game)?

If you are a volunteer who has been part of this development, naturally you will already be informed of or can suggest expansions once other aspects of the game are completed. If you seek to do so independently than no, you cannot. Any such maps or campaigns would also be subject to the other terms outlined in our End User License Agreements included with our products and services where appropriate and specific.

Can I sell or charge for a CD/Flash Drive or other media containing maps, add-ons or campaigns found on the Internet?

No. That would be a direct infringement and trespass against our intellectual property rights as well as that of those whose own content is being used without their express and written permission.

Can I write novels, screenplays, theatrical productions or other adaptations based on your game(s)?

No. You can produce such content for consideration of inclusion in the game. Cyberathia, LLC™ reserves the sole right to extend and expand our properties to other media. We want to provide a consistent content for our customers, and want to ensure that only the highest quality, officially licensed and approved material by us, is created and may or may not be directly based on our characters and other creative properties.

Furthermore, Cyberathia, LLC™ will not authorize such ideas or submissions. As a result, we will not be able to review or authorize any submissions related to expansions, novels, screenplays, productions or other adaptations and as such any content created and submitted by participating volunteer developers.

Can I use, sell or charge for any content that may be deleted or rendered obsolete in your game(s)?

No. You can if and when such is 'removed' content from the game contact us and ask why such has been removed, but removal does not mean such will not be updated and upgraded later. It is still, therefore still reserved properties of Cyberathia, LLC™, or any potential company that may buy the company and/or any of its assets for distribution in the far future and wherein the terms the policies, terms, and EULA of that company takes over.

Can I write music with samples or design characters/or concepts for your game(s)?

Yes. This is part of the volunteering aspect of our game development. We appreciate the creative energies of members and customers. Use of your original compositions or submitted assets (character, buildings, etc. as fbx file formats or video/audio files as MP4 files) if selected for inclusion will always require you to also submit a  release of rights and usage to Cyberathia, LLC™.


If such is approved for inclusion in any of our developments, this will reserve other usage by you to then is limited for your own personal use and creative exploration. You may not then sell or distribute for commercial purpose any such content created for and released to Cyberathia, LLC™.

I created a game title but haven't made anything off it, Can I submit it for inclusion in Cyberathia (the game)?

Possibly. However, use the basic sense of "when in doubt, don't." The content and title along with any code would all have to also include a release of rights and usage as a Read Me file for our records and all assets used in the production must be original content that has not come from other third parties who would also have to provide their content on such content.


It would also have to be in the same version of the game Engine we are using at this time and not later and other factors would also have to be considered including, but not limited to the necessity for removal and/or refactoring such as included coding scripts and the complexities therein. 

Furthermore, such submissions would also have to be removed from any other location you have published such content and you have not already sold or distributed content such as "patches or other add-ons elsewhere or otherwise violate any portion of the above requirements and expectations, and.or the policies, terms, conditions and EULA of said third party sites for which we have no control over.


Typically this is not an issue for self  published content/titles, yet even then you must review the policies, etc. of any third party sites such publications have been made through wherein you will be solely held liable for any violations and wherein Cyberathia, LLC™ is held excluded from any and all legal resources and or actions taken against you.


Further, this may result in Cyberathia, LLC™ working with said third parties to hold you liable for any and all damages that comes about from such agreement and copyright violations, including but not limited to the namesake and overall reputation of this company and or its products and services and or associated affiliates, sponsors, etc.  

Can I do a total conversion of your game?

No. You can become a volunteer member in helping with developments, but you cannot convert anything unless an approved participant in development of the game and or its content. This includes any "polished" content. If you would like to create a sample of such polished content that can be considered for an update, minor or massive to the game, you cannot also have such as a "fan based production" for personal usage among you and "friends" or publish such content elsewhere.

Can I create and/or distribute hack and cheats for your games?

No. Cyberathia, LLC™ does not support or condone the use or distribution of cheats and/or hacks for any usage, public or private under any circumstance. You will be liable to legal action to the fullest extent the law allows.

Can I host a separate server or mod so long as I do not charge for it?

No. You may not host any version or modification of any content of the game or properties of Cyberathia, LLC™. Should this policy change in the future, we will make the necessary information available on our website with specific rules and requirements as well as options and limitations. Otherwise creating a clone of some form or another is considered a violation of our copyright ownership and intellectual property rights. This also extends to such as emulators or any other unauthorized network play of its game(s).

Furthermore, you may not host or provide matchmaking services for any feature or aspect of our game(s) or emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Cyberathia, LLC™, nor in the network feature of its game(s), through protocol emulation, tunneling, modifying or adding components to the game(s), use of a utility program or any other techniques now known or hereafter developed, for any purpose including, but not limited to network play over the Internet, network play utilizing commercial or non-commercial gaming networks or as part of content aggregation networks without the prior written consent through contractual agreement(s).

Can I make and sell my own products (T-shirts, card games, models/figures, etc.) based on Cyberathia?

No. Cyberathia, LLC™ does not enter into licensing agreements with individuals, especially for such merchandise. To ensure the quality of all Cyberathia, LLC™ and its products and services, all of our authorized merchandise will be created under a licensing agreement with specific companies, and all prospective licensees are thoroughly reviewed by Cyberathia, LLC™ before a license is granted therein.

Can I create content in the game that includes logos or other business products/services represented in the game?

No. Not without specific contracted agreements between said sources of content and us. Any third party advertiser who may be represented in the game is an authorized and verified business (third party) Cyberathia, LLC™ such as a sponsor. This does not give members creating content automatic permission to copy, modify or otherwise create or distribute in game or outside of game such content as such content and all other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

We do have plans to include options for content creators and said third parties to commission work from said creative members for use in game, and under our join agreements with such, potentially for other sources of media as said third parties may elect to pursue for additional advertising campaigns via a content creators shop location. Such content creators will also be able to create a link to their own website portfolios as participating members for referrals to other commissioned work not specifically related to Cyberathia, LLC™ wherein such contracted commissions are between said commissioners and commissioned content creators.

This is part of our way of providing recognition and opening opportunities for our volunteers and members of our current and future projects as they become available. In tern any third party interactions outside of the Cyberathia, LLC™ website, games and/or products and services are between said commissioners and commissioned artists.

For more information, go to our link pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights.

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