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Updated by Cyberathia, LLC 05/31/2023


© 2010 – 2023  Cyberathia (the game) and Cyberathia, LLC™ (the company), (USA)


Founder of Cyberathia, LLC

  • Raymond S. F. Foster:

Founding date:

  • Originally founded upon March 1, 2021 as Sybirathia, and Sybirathia, LLC. It has been changed as of May 31 2023 to Cyberathia, and Cyberathia, LLC.


Industry Codes from Duns & Bradstreet:


  • SIC Code: 7372

  •  NAICS Code: 511210


  • OS compatibility intended to include Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

  • Desktop Computers/Online Gaming/Social Networking.

  • Other Platforms to be announced when available.




Social Networking, 3D World Building, 3D Chat, Survival, Puzzle, Action-adventure game, Role-playing, First and Third Person Shooter, Real-time strategy, Fighting, Racing, Resource Gathering and more.

Release Date of Cyberathia (THE GAME)

  • To be announced when available. First Release will be a Demo.

Primary Description:

Cyberathia™ is an online community supported and funded virtual world platform and project combining the concepts and principles of traditional gaming and social environment world building. The platform allows users to interact with others, make new friends and connect with established ones around the real world, and allow for the exploration of shared world locations where players can rate the locations, meet and trade, interact with P2P options, team up to battle common world bosses and their minions, or descend into PVP zones to test their skills against others.

Our Motto:

We make the game. You make the community.

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