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Those who know me from an old virtual social world and world building game online know me as TalismanSkulls. So that is why I continue to use this name which actually started several years prior as a street name which is a story in and of itself. As for the other basics:

I I was born in 01/10/1873 at 9:14 PM. That makes me Gen X.

  • I was raised around bikers and people that served in the military.

  • I grew up on and off the streets and lived in some rough neighborhoods.

  • Likewise, I worked a lot of manual labor and security type jobs, as well as in other blue collar industries.

  • I got tired of the nonsense of High School, dropped out, got a G.E.D. and went to college for a while.

  • I have watched and lived through changes in culture, technology and more.

  • And I have always been a creative person with a bit of a rebellious spirit.

  • Above all else, I like helping others when I can, if I can,

  • I get frustrated when I can't help others when I want to be able to,

  • And I get annoyed by and with those who don't, even though they can and make excuses about it.

I show respect when I want to be respected, and stop respecting those that do not reciprocate it. It’s not complicated. And if I mess up on something or make a mistake, and shown with civility where I have made that mistake, I welcome the correction and also hold the view that:

The problem with being wrong is not being wrong, but knowing you are wrong and failing to admit it. And if another is wrong and refuses to admit to what is obvious, then I brush the dust off my shoes, and walk away from them and pay them no further attention.  

Life is too short and too fragile and too precious to be petty.  

And while I am Proud to be an American, and value the importance of our constitution and our protected human rights and civil liberties, I do not have to be proud of officials and/or bureaucracies, do not make my choices based off political party lines, or globalist agendas that treat all Americans or anyone else in any other country as expendable collateral damage.  

But that is me in a nutshell.

Now my goal is to bring as many people together as possible to create a much stronger and supportive community of volunteer developers, artists and gamers in making this the strongest and most supportive online and game originated community with some old school values of cooperation, compassion and consideration, but also not being a bunch of easily squashed emotional jellyfish or brick walls. I hope more will join me in this effort for all of our benefits.

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